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Residence Ruetoreif


Located in the heart of our beloved land of Gressoney, the Residence Ruetoreif carries on a family tradition that began 30 years ago. We embody the values of our land and our family, offering an authentic and warm welcome to all our guests. Here, tradition blends harmoniously with modern comfort, creating a cozy and family atmosphere where everyone can feel at home.


Famiglia De Fabiani

De Fabiani Family

Nonna Pia, with her culinary experience, delights our guests with traditional dishes and delicious recipes, as well as always welcoming them with a smile.

Gian Carlo, the passionate founder and manager, proudly carries on the family legacy, ensuring authentic and warm hospitality.

Floriana, with her creative talent, takes care of every detail of the furnishings and successfully manages a homewares shop in the center of Gressoney.

Francesco, our sporting pride, brought the family name to the Olympics and on the cross-country skiing World Cup tracks, inspiring with his determination and talent. 

Susanna, our adventurer, downhill ski instructor, who enriches our family environment with her resourcefulness and curiosity. Finally, our beloved dog, Hundi, who keeps all our guests company.

Our Team

Thanks to an extraordinary team that works tirelessly to ensure an unforgettable experience for our guests.

Their dedication, professionalism and passion are fundamental to the success of our residence.

Il Team
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